2017 Winners

1. Excellence in Pharma: API Development
  • Cambrex – Development of a new, efficient synthesis of Ospemifene

2. Excellence in Pharma: Formulation – Sponsored by Crystec Pharma
  • Orbis Biosciences – Orbis’ Optimum® Platform: Delivering Dispersed Dosage Forms with Functional Coatings in a Single Manufacturing Step

This category is sponsored by Crystec Pharma

3. Excellence in Pharma: Excipients
  • Colorcon – Colorcon Hits the Target on Tablet Film Coating Productivity

4. Excellence in Pharma: Manufacturing Technology and Equipment
  • MJR PharmJet – Future of particle manufacturing is shaped by MicroJet Reactor technology with efficient control on particle size and homogeneity of particle size distribution.

5. Excellence in Pharma: Bioprocessing – Sponsored by Catalent
  • Capsugel / Bend Research (Lonza) – MAST™ (Modular Automated Sampling Technology) Platform: Developed for the Biopharma Industry

This category is sponsored by Catalent

6. Excellence in Pharma: Analysis, Testing, and Quality Control
  • 1CryoBio – FlexiQuot®: New disruptive technology that revolutionizes sample storage and handling

7. Excellence in Pharma: Drug Delivery Devices
  • Perlen Packaging – Single Use Inhaler (DPI) Perlamed-BLISTair (R)

8. Excellence in Pharma: Packaging
  • Aero Pump GmbH – SideActuationDevice: Innovation in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Devices

9. Excellence in Pharma: Supply Chain, Logistics, and Distribution
  • TraceLink – TraceLink Releases Industry’s First Compliance and Digital Information Platform for EU FMD

10. Excellence in Pharma: Contract Services and Outsourcing – Sponsored by Cambrex
  • Crystec Ltd. – Modified supercritical anti-solvent (mSAS) technology for accelerated product development

This category is sponsored by Cambrex

11. Excellence in Pharma: Regulatory Procedures and Compliance
  • Piramal Enterprises Ltd. – Quality and Regulatory-A Means for Value Creation

12. Excellence in Pharma: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Lab Pharma5 – HepC battle

13. Excellence in Pharma: CEO of the Year
  • KindredBio – Richard Chin, Taking Healthcare to The Dogs, Cats, and Horses

14. Excellence in Pharma: Pharma Company of the Year – SME
  • BenevolentAI – BenevolentAI

15. Excellence in Pharma: Sustainability Initiative of the Year
  • AptarGroup – AptarGroup’s Landfill Free Certification: promoting efficiencies and the conservation of natural resources in a global manufacturing setting.

16. Excellence in Pharma: Export Promotion

17. Excellence in Pharma: OTC
  • Pronova Laboratories – innovation in wart treatment

18. Excellence in Pharma: Patient Centricity – Sponsored by IDT Biologika
  • ERT – Target My Hives

This category is sponsored by IDT Biologika

19. Excellence in Pharma: IT, mHealth and Digitalisation
  • Biocorp – Biocorp’s line of connected products